Diana MacCloud Duchess Rosiland Dew Drop

Duchess Rosiland Dew Drop Duchess of the Dark Forest -Court of the Rose


Name Duchess: Rosiland Dew Drop
Player: N.P.C.
Chronicle: Duchy of the Dark Forest
Court: Seelie
Legacies: Troubador/Peacock
House: Fiona
Seeming: Wilder
Kith: Sidhe
Motley: Court of the Rose


Charisma:4 (persuasive)
Appearance:6 (Hypnotic,Gorgeous,Regal)

Perception:4 (intuitive)

Kenning:4 (changelings)


Gremayre:4 (enchantments)

Title:5 (Duchess)




Merits/Flaws:Iron Allergic -3,Surreal Beauty +1,Changeling Eyes -1,Slipped Seeming -4,Ward -3 Princess Ivy

Ravaging/Musing Threshold
Inspire Beauty/Destroy Love

Sidhe Birthrights: Awe and Beauty- 2 extra dots in Appearance. Empathy and intimidation rolls are at a -2 difficulty. Anyone who tries to attack an angry Sidhe head on must make a willpower roll from a 6 (Average Sidhe to 8 or 9 for a Sidhe of high station.

Noble Bearing-Whether heroes or villains,all Sidhe are dignified. Any cantrip that would make them look foolish immediately fails.
Sidhe cannot botch ettiquette

Banality’s Curse-Sidhe are truly not of this world. The taint of Banality affects them more strongly.for every one point of banality gained the Sidhe gain 2.

House Fiona Boon: Defiant to the last,Fiona Sidhe are renowned for their great courage. Though they understand fear,it does not control them,even in the face of death. Any attempt,natural or magical,to generate fear in them automatically fails.Only threats to a lover’s life can frighten a Fiona,and they often succeed very well.

House Fiona Flaw:Sidhe of this house have an overpowering attraction to danger. Even if the object of their pleasure is somewhat safe,they can find a way to make it dangerous This is especially true of their romantic trysts,which are usually epic and almost always tragic. Creatures of pure ethereal beauty,they tend to fall in love with outlaws,strangers,wanderers,mortals and other “unacceptable” types. Often such loves become true and complete passions that cannot be denied. Some of them overcome this Flaw,but only by becoming hateful toward all romance. The most tortured become obsessed with preventing it from occurring to anyone they know.

Mortal Name:Diane MacCloud
Faerie Name:Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop
Mortal Age:18
Mortal Profession (if any):Student

Chimera/Companions/Treasures: Ducal Signet Ring,Tiara and Scepter

Mortal Description: Has thick red hair that cascades in ringlets which try to cover her Faerie ears.Her eyes are an emerald green and somewhat feral-definitely changeling.She is aloof among mortals,but people stop what they are doing when she walks by.

Changeling Description:In her fae seeming her beauty becomes hypnotic and alluring.Her eys shine like the morning sun off springtime leaves.She smiles more and is less bashful.Her thick hair must be carried like a train when it falls loose.She wears the finest faery voile.

Quirks:Checks to see if her ears are covered-touches her hair often.As a fae she proudly displays her ears and tucks her hair behind them.

Motivations&Goals:To avoid Banality and to create Glamour among mortal and fae alike with the hope that she can create an Arcadia here and now.

Mortal:Diane MacCloud is a very attractive young woman who is reluctantly attending community college.She loves her job as a nanny and is completely devoted to her charge Isabella Thompson.

Changeling:Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop is the Duchess of the Dark Forest within the Kingdom of Pacifica.She displays her Ducal signet ring prominently.Her charge is a red rose on a green background.


In her Fae mien Diana MacCloud is transformed to the Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop-Duchess of the Dark Forest which comprises the lands from the city of Portland to the town of Ashland. Her amazing beauty takes on an ethereal quality which is stunning to behold and only those with the greatest of willpower are able to speak in her presence. It’s as if a permanent grandeur spell is cast about her (difficulty 6 vs. willpower) Her fiery red hair which falls to ringlets to the floor is thick and heavy and is carried as a train by the Sidhe childer constantly with her. Her eyes shine a luminous green which sparkle like raindrops reflected off leaves.She wears the finest Faerie Voile.

Diane MacCloud in her mortal form is a statuesque and beautiful redhead girl of 18;though she seems both older and younger somehow.She cannot help but attract attention to herself with her long red hair which falls to her lower back in luxurious ringlets. Her hair covers up her elvish ears which have bled through to her mortal self.

Men and women stop what they are doing when she comes upon them,as they are startled by the beauty of her face and green eyes.Men especially are struck dumb with awe and reverence and only the most bold dare approach her. Her manner seems haughty,distant,sometimes dreamy,but if the truth be known she is a girl who has never known the touch of a man or woman for that matter-not even a kiss. She really does not know how to handle the reactions she causes when she is among mortals. She blushes easily and keeps her eyes downcast. If a man persists in his suit,she simply raises her eyes and he ends up part of her growing retinue.

Diane up to two years ago was an excellent student.She went to an all girls school in Beaverton-St.Mary’s. She underwent her chrysalis in her junior year and was under the protection of Bonnie a pooka squirrel classmate who helped and guided her with her new self.

Much to the shock,chagrin and disappointment of Diane’s parents,Diane did not go to university,rather she took a job much below her station as a nanny to Isabelle Thompson whom she has developed a keen fondness. Diane is currently taking classes at P.C.C. of dubious utility.

She smiles brightly when she is holding court at her castle situated in the near dreaming hidden away in the deepest part of Forest Park. She is much more comfortable and at ease in her faery freehold which she has claimed as her own. She is a staunch supporter and believer of the escheat and she feels that Changelings must go to war with the Banality of Portland which in winter becomes very strong indeed.

Duchess Dewdrop is very allergic to iron which sickens and weakens her.Iron is her greatest fear as is banality.She believes her purpose is to create love beauty and glory on this earth to make Arcadia here and now until the paths of true Arcadia may be found.

The Duchess does not condone killing or violence. The very idea causes her to shudder in repulsion. Yet if any were to lay a hand on her ward,Princess Ivy,she would indeed be very capable of violence,even killing.

She is much beloved among the commoners as she hardly ever pulls rank;though when she is within her freehold she demands decorum and courtly behavior. Unlike most Fiona Sidhe,she does not yet have a passion or true love in her life,but she has many suitors. Indeed an order of knights has begun to come about called The Order of the Rose,made up of mortal and fae both commoner and noble who would fight and die for the Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop.

Diana MacCloud Duchess Rosiland Dew Drop

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