Edward Benet

A Knight in the Service of Duchess Rosiland Dew Drop-Captain of the Order of the Rose


Name:Sir Endor
Chronicle: Duchy of the Dark Forest

Dexterity:4 (Lightening reflexes)

Charisma:4 (Inspire)
Appearance:4 (Seductive)



Melee:4 (Sword)

Computer:4 (Programming)

Chimera Charger:2
Chimeric Arms:3




Driving Goal -3
Compulsion (looks) -1
Changeling Eyes:-1

Sidhe Birthrights: Awe and Beauty- 2 extra dots in Appearance. Empathy and intimidation rolls are at a -2 difficulty. Anyone who tries to attack an angry Sidhe head on must make a willpower roll from a 6 (Average Sidhe to 8 or 9 for a Sidhe of high station.

Noble Bearing-Whether heroes or villains,all Sidhe are dignified. Any cantrip that would make them look foolish immediately fails.
Sidhe cannot botch ettiquette

Banality’s Curse-Sidhe are truly not of this world. The taint of Banality affects them more strongly.for every one point of banality gained the Sidhe gain 2.

House Dougal:Boon: Once per story a memeber of House Dougal may convert glamour to temporary willpower.Flaw: Members have a handicap which must be compensated for somehow.

Edward Benet does not have a working left hand-It appears withered and claw like. He covers it with a glove or a chimmerical hand and uses a shield to cover it up.

Ravaging/Musing Threshold
Inspire others to go on great adventures

Mortal Name:Edward Benet
Faery Name Sir Endor
Mortal Age:33
Mortal Profession (if any) Software Designer of the Kingdom of Pacifica’s Division of Dreamsoft

Chimera/Companions/Treasures: Chimerical Charger,with Chimerical Chain Barding = Chimerical Gothic Plate Mail and Sword + Shield

Mortal: Long hair usually pulled back into a pony-tail.Women
are crazy about you,but due to your life you have little interest in mortal women. Edward has piercing violet eyes.

Changeling: Noble Sir Tristan reincarnated. Long curly hair,very noble mien with piercing violet eyes. Slim and wiry with a stern and commanding bearing. Sir Endor has the highest quality arms and armor.His shield hand is always gloved.

Quirks: A dominant take control individual. He is flirtatious but in a courtly way and only to female Sidhe. Mortal females tend to bore him. He often runs his hands through his long hair when it is down. He is energetic and just.

Mortal: EDward Benet is a softwae developer for The Kingdom of Pacifica at the Silicon Forest

Changeling: Sir Endor is a Sidhe and experienced his Crysalis at an early age and has kept close ties with many courts throughout Concordia.

Equipment: Small house in Beaverton, Jaguar Ornate chimerical gothic plate mail (+4 to soak) and sword. Chimerical Charger which is housed at Caer Dark Forest.

Oathcircle: Oath of Clasped Hands with Sqire Casey (Nocker)


Edward Benet in his Fae seeming is the noble Sir Endor a knight in the Order of the Rose of Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop’s retinue. He has long blonde hair and bright violet eyes which seem to pierce you to the soul. He is the noble Sir Tristran reborn. Sir Endor being a Sidhe, naturally possesses a commanding presence and bearing,but he is ever respectful of his to those of higher rank,and he is ever chivalrous to the rest. At court during festivals he dresses in finery,but most often he is found in high quality leather pants and an armor stained tunic. Sir Endor is the captain of The Order of the Rose. His sword defends The Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop and he continually quests for the gates of Arcadia. Your ranks include the Sidhe,sturdy Commoners and enchanted mortals who are deemed worthy to bear arms in the Duchess’ service.

In his mortal seeming,Edward Benet is a handsome man of 35 who is tall and slender. He pulls his blond hair back into a pony tail. He owns a small software company and is a software developer for Dreamsoft in the Kingdom of Pacifica. He is considered very attractive among mortal women,but he has very little interest in them which has led some to speculate on his sexual preference. Beautiful women have thrown themselves at him,but he is not gay-He simply has no interest in mortals. He is rather commpulsive about how he looks and his clothing which has fed the rumor mill. His eyes in his mortal seemig are the same in his changeling form which gives him an other-worldly look. He also seems rather remote and haughty-It is because his heart is in Faery.

Edward Benet experienced his chrysalis at the young age of 10. He was quickly recognized as a Sidhe in the year 16 of the Resurgence and was fostered in many courts throughout Concordia from the Kingdom of Grass to the Kingdom of Willows up to the Kingdom of Apples. When he first saw the beauty of Rosiland Dewdrop he pledged his eternal alligiance to her and her court.The Duchess knighted him High Protector of the Duchy when Sir Endor protected her from a Nochnitzia which emanated from a mortal into the Dreaming. The mortal had taken to stalking her and obsessing over her so much that a hideous and rapacious creature formed and pursued her. It was at this time that Sir Endor formed The Order of the Rose whose primary duty is to protect the Duchess from enemies both foreign and domestic,to protect the dreaming and quest for the gates of Arcadia.

Sir Endor sincerely believes that it is his duty as a noble Sidhe to find the gates of Arcadia. It is his consuming passion and his obsession.Why else were the Sidhe put here as Changelings? The Sidhe must rule the other Kithain and guide them to this ultimate goal lest they forget who they are. Sir Endor also believes that there is so much time before the chill winter of Banality comes and Faeries will become extinct. As a Sidhe he wonders what will happen if he ever is killed. After all, the Dain of the Sidhe remains shrouded in mystery. Sir Endor fears that the Sidhe are first on the firing line. How much longer until the other Kithain fade into the mists to face a similar fate? When that happens Arcadia will be no more.

Sir Endor is so obsessed with his goal that he is fairly oblivious to the other creatures of the World of Darkness. He knows prodigals frequent the area around Caer Darkforest and that there is a type of creature called Malkavian named Bunny who has haunted Caer Darkforest from time to time. He knows from lore that vampires or kindred are autumn things that bring Banality and he doesn’t undertand how this kindred can perceive them. She doesn’t feel particularly banal. Sir Endor does not trust her and keeps a sharp look out whenever she lurks near the keep-he remains ever vigilant as in all things connected to the Duchess.

Edward Benet

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