Gretchen Blackthorne-Lady Mordolyn

The Sluagh Lore Mistress of the Duchy of the Dark Forest


Name:Lady Mordolyn
Chronicle:Duchy of the Dark Forest
House:Affiliated with House Fiona
Seeming:Recent Grump
Motley:Motley of the Rose



Perception:4 (Intuitive)



Gremayre:5 (Dreaming,Enchantments)
Lore:5 (General Occult,Wraiths)





-1 Shy
-1 Addiction (Coffee,Cigarettes)
-1 Bards Tongue
+1 Animal Magnetism
+2 Medium

Ravaging/Musing Threshold
Destroy Hope/Inspire Learning

Birthrights/Frailties:Aptitude: +1 to stealth. Any time a sluagh attempts to move
without being seen or attempts any other stealthy action, one die
is added to Physical Trait rolls.
Birthright: Squirm. Dislocating body parts is a popular
amusement for these creatures. Confining them is almost impossible.
Although they cannot change their shapes or mass, underfolk
can contort into disquieting shapes with unnatural ease. This
requires a few minutes of concentration and a Physical roll; the
difficulty ranges from 4 (escaping from ropes) to 8 (worming
through the bars of a locked cell). The only substance that can
imprison sluagh completely is cold iron.
Frailty: Curse of Silence. Sluagh cannot speak above a
whisper, no matter how hard they strain to be heard. Since they
dislike social situations and hold to very odd rules of etiquette, add
one to the difficulties of all of their Social rolls

Mortal Name: Gretchen Blackthorne
Faerie Name:Lady Mordolyn
Mortal Age:29
Mortal Profession: Librarian at Portland Public Library

Mortal: Tall gawky and very shy with glasses. Soft spoken,pretty and pale,but does not reveal herself with the clothes she wears

Faerie: Moves gracefully quietly and sensuously. She becomes paler with almost translucent skin very red lips. Her Faery voile is intricate and beautiful- Whale Bone Bodice and black lace gown with high boots. Her opaque eyes seem to draw you in-She smells a bit of burning autumn leaves and perfume.

Quirks:Smokes Cigarettes with an antique holder and drinks her coffee in a fine china tea set. She still plays with dolls and is able to get lost in her play.

Motivations & Goals:To create a safe haven in her hold and record the names and events of the Kithain. To continue to increase her knowledge of the occult and secret things.

Identity: Mordolyn’s parents live in Vermont-Very middle class staid and boring-rather banal. Since her Chrysalis at the university she avoids going home whenever possible.

The Lady Mordolyn was given her title in the Kingdom of Grass.She is the lady of a useful freehold where Dreamers flock for poetry readings and slams.Neither the Nobility nor Commoners know what to make of her. She only visits those whom have specifically invited her and she expects the same when visited. In the back room she has her balefire from an old fashioned cast iron stove. She has a vast and extensive library with many unusual items on display along with her dolls.

Equipment:A good scooter,a 1 bedroom apartment above her cafe ,extensive very organized library and 8,000 in savings.

Other Notes: Moved to Portland in 2000


Gretchen Blackthorne was born and raised mostly in Vermont. She grew up in a very middle class milieu and it is surprising that she didn’t succumb to banality previous to her chrysalis. Mordolyn’s faeery spirit was strong within her,and it laid in wait for the glamour which would come when she moved away.
Gretchen was a very solitary child with a far away look in her eyes. She could spend hours upon hours alone in her room playing with her dolls holding entire conversations with them. As she became older she came to realize that her dolls were haunted by twin girls who had lived there 200 years previously. Gretchen was not afraid for they had become good friends-playmates She received top grades throughout school without trying very hard. They advanced her grade after grade. She finished high school by the time she was 15.

The discovery of what inhabited her dolls fascinated Gretchen to no end and she began to read voraciously everything she could about the occult and ghosts.Gretchen had a chance to go to an ivy league school,but she chose to study at The University of Michigan. She took her dolls with her and was delighted to discover that her oldest and best friends had accompanied her on her journey west.She studied Philosophy and Metaphysics at the University. She studied parapsychology in her spare time. Gretchen did not make friends easily-many thought her downright weird and sort of creepy. For Gretchen’s part she didn’t need any friends-her dolls were enough and she was generally too shy to engage in any sort of prolonged conversations.

In her very first year at the university unusual things began to happen to Gretchen. She feared that she was going insane. She began to see things out of the corner of her eyes. Sometimes she would see people and they would have pointed ears or luminous eyes,but when she looked again she didn’t see it. Once when she looked in the mirror another face looked back at her which was beautiful. That frightened her. She asked her ghostly friends who speculated that she must be possessed by a devil. Gretchen didn’t think so. She began to study obsessively about it but to little avail,but the unusual events were coming in quicker succession. Once when she looked out her apartment window as the sun was rising,she spotted a gnome-like creature performing an intricate hat dance on an oak tree stump. When Gretchen blinked he was gone.

Claudia the sluagh kenned Gretchen right away on the quad and helped Gretchen undergo her chrysalis. Claudia was also a Sluagh. The two moved in together and Mordolyn transferred to Eastern Michigan University much to the chagrin of her parents. Eastern had even less prestige than U of M,but Mordolyn was happier there and Ypsilanti had less banality than Ann Arbor. Indeed a whole new magical world opened up to her. Mordolyn was born a wilder and she hooked up with the Motley of the Shining Path It consisted of a couple of Boggans a troll and of course Claudia. The motley had a great adventure and destroyed a Nochnitsia which had plagued an important trod in the Dreaming. Gretchen’s reputation grew. The Baron made her a lady for her wit and leadership abilities. At the time, Lady Mordolyn was both fashionable and popular-a complete contrast to her mortal identity.

But then something happened. Lady Mordolyn discovered a fount of glamour which was significant. The motley joyfully established itself there,but it wouldn’t last. Claudia fell into her Grump years and was falling into banality quickly despite the discovery-something was accelerating her banality. It was very painful for Mordolyn and the rest of the motley to witness. The cause was a mortal lover of Claudia whom she had given the key of her heart. The key opened a magic portal into the dreaming. Claudia became lost. Mordolyn in a rage sent the mortal into the dreaming and sealed the door for which the key opened forever.

An unseelie Noble found out about the secret freehold of the Motley and laid claim to it as is a noble’s right. The Motley fought to keep the motley,but in the end the Motley was betrayed by the Troll. Yet on the verge of the Sidhe lord claiming the Freehold as his own Mordolyn stole away with the balefire out of the barony and never returned. There was a long period of disillusionment after the sad events unfolded and still continue somewhat to this day. The Lady Mordolyn moved to the Kingdom of Pacifica where she became even more of a hermit.

In the Duchy of the Dark forest Mordolyn eventually presented herself to the Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop. Lady Mordolyn told her of the sad events which occurred in the Kingdom of Grass. The Duchess was shocked when she heard the story of the thieving Baron and swore a mighty oath that Mordolyn’s Balefire is her own and that she would defend it from any interlopers forever. Mordolyn who was never demonstrative in her emotions began to weep gratefully and swore fealty to The Duchess. The Duchess realizing Lady Mordolyn’s depth of knowledge has made her Lore Mistress of the Duchy

Nowadays the Lady Mordolyn can be seen sitting in her cafe from time to time,but she mostly spends her time near the Balefire which has been placed in an antique stove in the middle of her room which is filled with books in the back along with her dolls. Mordolyn has even become more of a hermit the older she becomes. Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop is the only Sidhe she has come to trust. Her Freehold is located on the 600 block of Burnside and has become a popular hang-out for goth kids. It is one of the fewcafes where one can smoke. It is decorated with old photographs,art nouveau posters,unusual scientific equipment,an old grandfather clock and two human fetuses in large pickle jars-one is perfectly preserved,another is dried out and grotesque. Upon the floor are persian carpets. It’s comfortable and cozy,albeit very unusual. Those sensitive can feel the glamour of the area.

Once a week.there are poetry readings which Mordolyn uses reverie to inspire Dreamers. She also has a mortal in her retinue who works in the cafe and acts as Mordolyn’s Duenna. She emulates Mordolyn in dress and manner. One dreamer is hopelessly in love with Mordolyn,and Mordolyn finds him attractive. She is certainly in love with his poetry. The prolonged flirtation seems to inspire him to produce more glamour and poems to Gretchen.

Gretchen Blackthorne-Lady Mordolyn

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