Jessica Bobilot-Desdemona

A High Spirited Eshu Who Enjoys Living Dangerously


Name: Desdemona
Chronicle: Duchy of the Dark Forest
Motley: The Motley of Ivy




Persuasion:4 (Fast Talk)

Drive:4 (Evade)
Performance:5 (Storytell,Acting)

Linguistics:3 (English,French,Spanish,Catalan)

Chimerical Companion:4




Other Traits
Mild Phobia -1 (Fire)
Surreal Quality -2
Chimerical Magnet -5
Jack of All Trades 5
Black Market Ties:

Ravaging/Musing Threshold

Spirit Pathways-Eshu have an amazing sense of direction and exquisite timing; they always seem to arrive at their destinations at the most opportune moments. The path an Eshu follows is always the most interesting route possible,filled with danger and challenge. Seelie triumph righteously over adversity;Unseelie leave bitterness and misfortune in their wake. Either way the stories are always worth the trouble! No matter what she encounters along the way,an Eshu will always find her way to her destination…eventually.

Talecraft- Whenever an Eshu encounters a true adventure,he becomes wiser and his repertoire grows. Eshu characters gain an additional experience point for any session in which they learn a fantastic new story or perform an incredible feat. (Tricking a chimerical dragon or outwitting a lofty noble are two examples of such feats.)

Eshu can never botch rolls involving Performance or Empathy

Recklessness-Confidence and curiosity are inborn traits. Eshu cannot resist a challenge,gamble or quest if there’s a way to come out of it alive. They are not stupid-they won’t take on suicide missions-but they believe their luck can carry them through any hardship.

Mortal Name: Jessica Bobilot
Faery Name: Desdemona
Mortal Age:19
Mortal Profession: Works as a stage hand at the Milagro Theatre on Stark Street. Does a little acting and storytelling.

Chimers/Companions/Treasures: Severin a burro who can change into other creatures-A guide in the dreaming,speaks only Spanish
A Piece of White chalk which is able to open portals into the dreaming.

Mortal: Choclate eyes curvacious,nice ###,straight dark brown hair olive undertones in the skin-She stands 5’8" and weighs about 130 pounds.She is good looking

Changeling: Hair becomes dreaded and darker and she is leaner and more muscular. Her smile seems mischevious and is dimpled.Her voile is that of an Arabic woman,but she remains unveiled.

Quirks: Desdemona seems to have a lot of nervous energy-tends to fidget or move her legs even when sitting except when she is at her apartment where she is calm and sedate.

Motivations: To live live live-to live life to its absolute fullest.

Mortal Identity: Jessica works as a stage hand as a prop/costume designer. She designs and mends dcostumes for the plays and also helps design and make props at the theatre. She works 20 to 30 hours a week. Tends to bring home the wrong sort of guys. She seems aimless and at times weighed down with disappointment.

Changeling Identity: Desdemona is a spirited adventuress and seems to move with a purpose. She is not very well-known among the nobility and knows several denziens of the World of Darkness. When in the Dreaming she knows exactly where she is and where she is going.

Oathcircle: Oath of Clasped Hands with Kaelynn and Rufis Torhee


Desdemona or Jessica Bobilot is an attractive female with dark hair,big brown eyes and an attractive figure.Her skin has olive undertones as her father is Spanish or Catalan. Her mother is blond and Nordic looking. Jessica definitely takes after her father. She is good looking and has a labret piercing.

In her Fae mien her very feminine body becomes slender and wiry with muscular arms shapely legs and a lovely ### with small upturned breasts. Her dark hair grows even darker with long dreads which fall to her lower back.

As a child her mother and father separated before Jessica was in pre-school. She had trouble reading and writing and it was later discovered that she had severe dyslexia. Her mother was a bit more understanding while her father was continuously disappointed in her poor grades and poor performance in school. She very much excelled in arts and crafts however and seemed to gain parental approval thereby;though they wondered if she would make it as an artist.Jessica’s father moved back to Spain and she saw him only very occasionally when he had business dealings in the US. She visited Spain a couple of years before her chrysalis and it turned out to be disastrous. Her father was overly protective and she was rarely allowed to leave the house. Jessica’s relationship with her father is troubled,and she feels her mother doesn’t support her enough.

As a mortal Jessica works at a community theater creating costumes or mending the existing costumes. She works 20-30 hours a week sometimes more if it is a particularly big show.(2 Resources) She creates costumes and Jessica has also began acting when she is needed. She has discovered that she isn’t all that bad either. She hasn’t played any leads,but more supporting roles or small parts. She loves making clothes and she once dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. She imagined that it would be very glamorous-the travel,the adventure, and all the money she would make. She studied fashion and fashion design at Portland Art Institute and tried to make a go of creating her own line of clothes,but her designs were not up to snuff-She didn’t break new ground but redefined antiquated modes or so the judges at the institute told her at a juried show. She was very disappointed and sad. It was then that she experienced her chrysalis.

She has no memory of what led up to her chrysalis except she had a a grudge with the judges at the show and she began working furiously on her line-revamping her entire collection. She wanted to show them that she had what it took. On day four with next to no sleep she became possessed by a spirit quite different than Jessica-more daring,more aggressive.boisterous,certainly more talkative-She has no idea where her collection ended up-maybe she burned it or gave them away,but it was around this time she met both Kaelynn and Rufis.

After Desdemona underwent her chrysalis she became more a risk- taker. She began to stay out late,go to clubs and moved into an apartment with Kaelynn. She discovered on one of her adventures a magic piece of chalk which allows her access into the Dreaming. She keeps this treasure secret. That in itself was a crazy roller coaster ride. She needed only to draw a door-a door on a flat surface whether it be the ground or on the wall to enter it. (3 Treasure) When she crosses into the Dreaming the door disappears and the chalk returns to its original size. At first she spent a lot of time within the dreaming,but found herself going a bit crazy,so she has learned to balance the mundane with the magickal.

Both Desdemona the Eshu and Jessica the mortal seem to attract the wrong people to themselves.
She has garnered the interest of a few kindred of the unsavory kind-the Setites and a Ravnos (-2 Surreal Quality) She is able through her Ravnos contact obtain fancy items-high tech stuff,automatic weapons specialty ammunition etc and through the Setites,Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll. She knows and is on friendly terms with both Runi Hura and Synthia. Both mortal and immortal are fascinated by her for some unknown reason. In the dreaming, tiny Sprites dance about her head and make comments in her ear in their high pitched voices only audible to her. Also Dedemona tends to attract Chimerical beasts and monsters more readily to herself. She has had a couple of close calls. A Tremere is hunting for her blood. Desdemona seems to thrive off the excitement and enjoys reveling her motley with her stories of her latest exploits.

In the Dreaming a Burro Severin,who speaks only Spanish can guide her on trods and at times can change into a Pegasus which can fly or a unicorn which can run swiftly….It depends on how close she is to the deep dreaming.

Desdemona reeves glamour from the actors she works with at the Milagro Theatre-a Latin American play house on Stark Street. Desdemona and her new found friend Kaelynn a Saytre live in a small two bedroom apartment. Both are not above ravaging glamour. Desdemona is a peacock and loves to show off her prowess in storytelling and taking risks and living to tell about it. Desdemona and Kaelynn tend to egg each other on. Rufis a sluaugh of their motley is the oldest and most stable; though he too has a friend on the dark side-Esther Carmichael a Nosferatu. Rufis lends a bit of respectability to the motley as he is of the Seelie Court and a bit older than the two wilder.

Desdemona’s goal is to live and have amazing adventures and story-worthy experiences from it.

Jessica Bobilot-Desdemona

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