Tyler Elmore-Kaelynne

A Nymphomaniacal Saytr


Chronicle: Duchy of the Dark Forest
Kith Saytr
Motley:The Moteley of Ivy




Empathy:5 (Desires,Moods)

Performance:5 (Enchant Audience)(Evoke Lust)

Gremayre:5 (Dreaming,Enchantment)





Compulsion: -1
Changeling Eyes:-1
Sidhe Curse:-5

Ravaging/Musing Treshold
Rough Sex/Passion which leads to inspiration/creativity

Birthright:Gift of Pan: Charisma + Empathy (or Performance) roll to stir carnal passions; target(s) can roll their Willpower (vs. 7) to resist
Physical Prowess: +1 to Stamina; cannot Botch Athletics; in Fae mien, can run at 25 + (3 x Dexterity) yards per Turn.

Frailties:Passion’s Curse: +2 (or more if intoxicated) to Difficulty of Willpower rolls to resist temptation or maintain self-control.

Mortal Name:Tyler Elmore
Faerie Name:Kaelynn
Mortal Age:18
Mortal Profession (if any) Lingerie Model
Treasure: Balm of Obsession-Like a phermone it will cause victims to become automatically entranced. Victim is unable to use will power to overcome entrancement of the Gift of Pan

Mortal: Kaelynn has a very nice body-sensuous and lush.. She moves her body gracefully with the knowledge that her hips act like a siren’s call.She has a child-like voice.

Changeling:Becomes even more erotic. She touches herself and blushes often and tries to capture the eyes of her next bed mate/victim.

Quirks: Reads a lot of bodice ripping type novels.Touches herself,her hair face etc easily lost in sensation squirms and blushes when she has a naughty thought which is quite often.

Motivations and Goals: Like the rest of her Motley she would like to have a hearth fire of her own,and to avoid banality to which she has an extra sensitivity.Day Dreams of being a kept woman of a rich Sidhe Nobleman or Noblewoman.

Mortal: Tyler Elmore is an 18 year old girl who seems hardened by a life on the streets. The tough exterior is easily pierced and she cries quietly when things are too cruel or hard. She models lingerie and for extra tips performs what she enjoys most-pleasuring herself.

Changeling: Almost a childer in her wonder. Magick and strange things seem to happen to her. The Dreaming seems to almost want to burst out of her. Many fae,especially Grumps find her unsettling-Children flock to her.

Oathcircle:Rufis Torhee,Desdemona,Beverly


Kealynne’s mortal name is Tyler Elmore. She is a very attractive young woman with a curvaceous and sensuous hourglass body,large breasts long shining amber hair which falls to her shoulders.Her eyes are a startling green color which makes Tyler something strange and fascinating. She possesses Changeling eyes,but there is a hardened look in them at least when she is in her mortal guise as though she has experienced too much too soon.She is only 19.

In her faery mien her ears become pointed and she smiles knowingly ,and her eyes widen to innocence,and a sensuous glow surrounds her. Sidhe and most other kith would find her absolutely irresistible. Her amber hair falls to her waist and her horns peek out about 5 inches from her head. Her lips become fuller, poutier and redder almost begging to be kissed. Her eyes glow a verdant green. She touches herself erotically and compulsively and has the look of needing a good shagging-She is the epitome of a Saytr wilder in her full glory.

Tyler or Kaelynn is a very sexual being-one could say that she is a nympho. Her career choice is not one her mother would approve of if she knew of it. Tyler works as a lingerie model which are scattered throughout Portland. She often brings home clients whom she finds attractive and whom can satisfy her endless cravings. This is a major cause for dissension between Tyler and her roommate Jessica whom finds Tyler’s choice in men undesirable if not downright creepy. Tyler could say the same about Jessica’s choice in men. It has caused quite a bit of tension and several stalkers.

Tyler’s home life was not the happiest. she was a victim of sexual abuse beginning at the age of 5 until she ran away.Fortunately she could imagine her self far far away while it was happening to magical kingdoms with butterflies and unicorns. She has a very little girl’s voice despite being almost 20 years old. The sexual abuse caused her to be hyper-sexual as well. (Compulsion -1) The only problem is that Kaelynn may not experience sexual pleasure unless she is being hurt somehow;slapping whipping,having her hair pulled etc. will give her pleasure during the sexual act. (masochism -2)

Tyler ran away at 15 from her home of Newport Beach California. She lived some time in San Francisco and eventually made her way up to Portland. She tried prostitution very briefly,but found it altogether too degrading and dangerous. She dances at some of Portland’s strip clubs but prefers the intimacy of lingerie modeling. She is able to get lost in her head while doing it.

Kaelynn was recognized by Desdemona and Rufus. Desdemona saw the glamour pouring out of her like a spilled bottle,despite her rather banal profession. Desdemona followed Tyler to her job as a lingerie model and even paid to see her. It was confirmed in her mind that Tyler was a sleeping Changeling. Desdemona later brought Rufis who did not have as great a talent for kenning as Desdemona,but he saw it too. Desdemona helped her with her chrysalis and it was quite dramatic. It forever changed Tyler from a bleak sex trade worker to something magical,Kaelynn. But not all of it is pleasurable-she suffers like the Sidhe, (Banality’s Curse -5). The dreaming runs so powerfully through her that she has mushrooms sprout up in a faery ring around her if she stands still for too long,dancing lights sometimes follow her churches and dogmatic religious places actually cause her pain and even the thought of going to work as a lingerie model or stripper gives her a headache. She still does it to make the rent. Now she can attract any mortal lover to her simply by a look (Difficulty 8 Willpower to break free difficulty 6 for other denizens of the World of Darkness)

Kaelynn experienced her chrysalis just a couple of months ago and is not wise in the ways of changelings. In fact she is very impulsive and she has no clue about changeling politics or the Escheat. She is still busy figuring herself out and is amazed that the fantasies she used in her mind to escape are now more real than reality.If she had her way she would never leave the Dreaming. She doesn’t care who she offends or angers. She hasn’t met many fae outside her immediate oath circle.

Kaelynn is unseelie,and she will use sex as a weapon if she must. From what she has heard about nobles,she would love to compromise one somehow. The thought causes her to giggle. Along with Desdemona she is not beyond ravaging for glamour. She can do this with her eroticism-driving mortals vampires and fellow fae crazy with lust. This seems to be her destiny. She has not interacted with the Dreaming enough and she wants more. Desdemona has cautioned her about the dangers of bedlam,but the message has yet to hit home with her.

Her treasure she found tucked in a rosebud is a scented balm which will act like a phermone when she applies it to her skin. Those who are entranced by her eyes will be unable to resist using willpower.She must roll appearance and subterfuge + a point of temporary glamour to determine the amount of time the victim remains entranced.

Kaelynn hates chivalry and courtly love putting her on a pedestal will simply make her mean. She wants to be ravaged not courted. She will greet all attempts of courtship with utter contempt and she will never fall fo a weakling who doesn’t know what he or she wants.

Her most shameful thing was allowing herself to be a prostitute despite the fact that she only did it twice. She felt he had no control over herself or body. Her greatest hope is to make more friends like Rufis and Desdemona. They are true friends of the Heart, and despite the fact, that they don’t always get along, they would die to protect one another. Her greatest fear would be to lose her friends by doing something rash or stupid. She fears being alone as she once was before she met Rufis and Desdemona.

Like Desdemona,Kaelynn is bisexual. She is very free about sexuality and wants everyone to be free. Her goal is to live free and wild. Kaelynn has never killed,but with her new Faery self,she knows it could be possible to kill in a passion. She has never known these depths of passion before both for the good and the bad-maybe she thinks, she kept it all in for so long that it is coming out all at once like a dam bursting.,

Tyler Elmore-Kaelynne

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