Kori Hanson The Countess Livia

A lovely countess with a dark secret


Name:Countess Livia Leanna
Chronicle:Duchy of the Dark Forest


Charisma:4 (Trustworthy)
Manipulation:4 (Subtle)
Appearance:5 (Sex Appeal,Style)


Seduction:4 (mortals)



Title:4 (Countess)



-1 Dark Secret
-2 Addiction (Marijuana)
-1 Phobia (Aging)
-1 Short
-2 Obsessed with perfection/physical beauty


Ravaging/Musing Threshold
Exaust Creativity

Sidhe Birthrights: Awe and Beauty- 2 extra dots in Appearance. Empathy and intimidation rolls are at a -2 difficulty. Anyone who tries to attack an angry Sidhe head on must make a willpower roll from a 6 (Average Sidhe to 8 or 9 for a Sidhe of high station.

Noble Bearing-Whether heroes or villains,all Sidhe are dignified. Any cantrip that would make them look foolish immediately fails.
Sidhe cannot botch etiquette

Banality’s Curse-Sidhe are truly not of this world. The taint of Banality affects them more strongly.for every one point of banality gained the Sidhe gain 2.

Boon of House Leanhaun: All members of House Leanhaun receive an extra dot in Charisma,even if it raises it above a 5. Additionally,all seduction roll made by Leanhaun Sidhe are made at -1 difficulty and they cannot botch a seduction roll.

Flaw of House Leanhaun-Leanhaun Sidhe age unnaturally as a result of an ancient curse cast upon the house. Those who do not engage in Rhapsody at least once a week,age once a week,age one year for every week they fail to do so.

Mortal Name:Kori Hanson
Faerie Name:Livia DeLeanhaun/Leanna
Mortal Age:23
Mortal Profession(if any)Clothing store Owner/Dancer/Art Dealer

Chimera/Companions/Treasures:County Pennon Chimerical Mace

Mortal;As a mortla she is beautiful and interesting to look at.She has thick black curly hair which reaches her lower back.She has a slender dancer’s body mixed heritage and dresses very fashionably.

Changeling:Her skin turns pale and her hazel eyes become larger and rounder inspiring trust.Her lips become sensuously redder and fuller.One is drawn to her.Her hair cascades to her pert derriere in dark ringlets.

Quirks:She cannot help but look at her self in the mirror with a critical eye and make adjustments.

Mortal: As a Mortal she is the proprietess of The Scarlet Rose Gothic Shoppe on 23rd Ave. She also dances a couple of times a week.Goes to many music shows.

Changeling:As a Changeling she is Countess of Multnomah. She resents that her county seat is so close to Caer Darkforest and her autonomy is less than other counts,Yet she puts on a happy face at court. At the shows she nefariously drains artists.

Equipment: County Pennon,Chimerical Mace,Bodice Dagger,Sumptuous clothes


Countess Livia is a Sidhe wilder who claims that she is of the House Eiluned,but is,in reality, of the Unseelie House Leanhaun.She is a beautiful wilder Sidhe with long luxurious hair which reaches her lovely bottom.Her skin is pale which accentuates her thick red lips. Her eyes look like that of a doe,dark,round and innocent.In her voile which is very intricate she is partial to greens blacks and sometimes red.She has excellent taste in jewelry which accents her long fingers. She is very short for a Sidhe,standing only 5’1" tall.

As a mortal she is Kori Hanson. A beautiful exotic looking girl of 23 with long dark curly hair and hazel eyes.She is of mixed racial heritage African and Caucasian. She has tawny colored skin and has had both a nose job and breast implants. She is the proprietess of a gothic clothing shop where she also models her wares.It is located in the northwest part of Portland which is by and large unsuccessful.Fortunately her grandfather left her a sizable inheritance which is doled out at $3,000 a month..She lives in an apartment above her shoppe where the county hearth is maintained She sometimes dances at various clubs when she exceeds her monthly budget.She does enjoy the attention and the dark glamour it generates.

Kori experienced her chrysalis about 5 years ago,and knew that she was destined to be a noble-She is the Countess Livia DeLeanhaun.She understood that she must rhapsodize artists of their glamour or suffer the frailty of her House-age a year for every month she does not rhapsodize.From her mortal life she has taken with her faery self an addiction to marijuana. She is often seen enjoying a waterpipe. When she first experienced her chrysalis she stumbled across a motley of commoners at Coos Bay and was forced to drain the motley’s minor freehold of all its glamour and fled to Portland where she claimed her right as Countess within the Duchy of the DarkForest in the year 35 of the Resurgence.

It took The Countess a couple of years to establish herself. She rhapsodized through seduction a poet who wrote a brilliant collection of poems and thereafter hung himself after the breakup with the Countess and he realized no more poems would come. She later rhapsodized a band called Moonspell who suffered a breakup and the two creative elements of the band ended up fighting over her.The band was later sued by their record company when the band didn’t honor their contract. One moved back to Potugaul to work in his father’s butcher shop the other became addicted to heroin,cursing Livia’s name to this day,homeless on the street.The Countess is considering having him eliminated once and for all.

At present,The Countess is cultivating a group of artists at an artist’s co-op near the Coffee People on Grand.She has her eye on the rich source of glamour of the Saturday Market,but that has a lot of competition.

The Countess’ passions are beauty and art which she pursues relentlessly both of herself and outside herself. She is obsessed with attaining perfection of her body and appearance.Her favorite thing to do is to go to art shows and scout out prospective subjects she can rhapsodize. She has a collection of art with Dross which she hordes greedily

The Countess despises gauche behavior and commoners who do not show her proper respect,courtesy and deference. She would wield the whip herself at court when commoners act up.She hates that she has to answer to the Duchess who has Caer Darkforest within her county seat.Other Counts have more freedom of action while in her county she feels as though the kithain can appeal to the Duchess if they object to her rulings. Yet she maintains a happy face through it all and no one suspects her Unseelie legacy.This is her dark secret.She is the consumate politician and courtier and hides her resentments well behind a pleasant facade.

Her most shameful deed was the draining of her first motley’s freehold which in effect left the local Kithain without a source of glamour and homeless.They were very helpful and showed her respect and hospitality only to have her ravage their freehold.She feels very guilty about this.

The Countess’ greatest fear is to grow old and become undone. She fears a lack of glamour and thirsts for it like a vampire does vitae.Her greatest hope is to remain ever youthful and gain status,influence and autonomy in the court.

Her romantic legacies are Deceiver/Romantic.She enjoys sex,but more as a means to an end at least with mortals.She has yet to meet a fae who has captured her heart completely.She wonders if such a one exists?

Currently the Countess Livia is aware of a Ventrue vampire.The two have spoken,but he has disappeared and she has not seen him since.Although she resents doing it,she is a regular attendee of the Duchess Rosiland Dewdrop’s court.She participates in the events and the festivals she holds there. On the outset the Countess Livia Leanna is a loyal vassal to the Duchess secretly she hates her innocence and light and is envious of her superior beauty.

Kori Hanson The Countess Livia

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