Mark Shaker

A Psychopathic Redcap and Co-Owner of Billy Ray's Dive


Name: Mark Shaker
Chronicle:Duchy of the Dark Forest
Motley: Motley of Stone



Wits:4 (Escapes)

Intimidation:5 (Threats,Staredown)
Streetwise:4 (Drugs)

Melee:4 (Battle Axe)
Survival:4 (Street)






-4 Hunted Law Enforcement
-3 Noteriety
-3 Meth Addiction
-2 Sadism

Ravaging/Musing Threshold
Create Anger

• Dark Appetite: Redcaps can literally eat anything. They can chew through cars and eat their way through walls. Their bulldog teeth are brutally flat and hard as steel; their digestive systems (thankfully) remain a mystery. Most prefer human or animal meat, but when hunger strikes, anything will do. We do mean anything.

As long as a redcap can put his mouth around something, he can eat it. Large objects can be chewed into smaller pieces. Digesting something particularly vile or tough (such as wood, steel, romance novels or toxic waste) requires the expenditure of a point of Glamour. Keep all arms and hands away from redcaps at all times.

Any time a redcap attempts to use this Birthright in combat, he must spend a point of Glamour, just as if he were trying to eat something not normally edible. The base damage for a redcap bite is Strength + 2 (difficulty 5) This damage is always aggravated. Additionally, the redcap may try to sever an opponent’s limb. Severing a limb with this ability requires five successes on a Dexterity + Brawl roll (difficulty 8), or three successes if the victim has been grappled first. This attack inflicts a minimum of three Health Levels of damage if successful, in addition to any damage rolled.

• Bully Browbeat: Redcaps can intimidate anything, even imaginary or chimerical objects. The difficulties of all Intimidation rolls are reduced by one. A successful roll causes chimera to obey without question; sentient creatures can resist with Willpower rolled at a difficulty equal to the redcap’s Willpower. This Birthright functions normally at all times, even in the presence of mortals or unenchanted supernaturals.

• Bad Attitude: No one likes a redcap, not even other redcaps. Some noble freeholds try to ostracize or kill redcaps just on general principles. As part of this stigma, they suffer a +2 difficulty (or greater) for any roll involving a social situation other than browbeating.

Mortal Name:Mark Shaker
Faerie Name:Mark Shaker
Mortal Age:24
Mortal Profession (if any):Barkeep

Chimera: Night Mare/Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle,Chimerical Battle Axe


Mortal: Big muscled and tattoos up and down arms and chest. He has many piercings on his face with a bright red mo hawk. He is very burly and intimidating.

Changeling:Mark Shaker becomes even more massive and muscle bound and his piercings become more pronounced and severe. He has a perpetual sneer and looks very dangerous and very intimidating.

Quirks: When he enters a room or group he asks,"Who wants to die or wish they had.

Motivations and Goals:To avoid arrest and live free and unhindered and to tweak the nobles whenever he can.


Mortal:Mark Shaker is an outlaw wanted for a myriad of crimes by police everywhere he has been. He smokes and deals meth and is a co-owner of a bar in Northeast Portland.

Changeling:Not quite on the radar of Portlands changelings yet,but he has a bad reputation among the Seelie Court and a frightening one among the Unseelie Court.


Mark Shaker looks downright frightening;however he stands only 5’9" tall,but he is muscular and burly covered with tattoos. He has lived a hard life on the streets and doesn’t take shit from anyone. He generally wears a sleeveless army shirt and cargo pants and 14 eye Doc Maarten boots. He has multiple facial tattoos around the eyes and many in both ears plus a gigantic nose ring. He is hostile and aggressive-an alpha male in every sense of the word. He loves trouble and loves to stir things u. He is very loud and boisterous and often enters a room shouting,“Who wants to die or wish they had?”

In his Fae Mien Mark Shaker becomes even more frightening with long gleaming teeth and an ever present sneering wicked smile upon his face. He is decked out haphazardly in scraps of chimerical armor-splint mail or chain along with a wickedly sharp battle axe. He is unafraid of anyone or anything save the police which will cause him to flee quicker than a Boggan.

What drives Mark Shaker is chaos pure and simple and satisfying his own beastly needs. He wants to be a leader, and he has succeeded with a local motley. He has also enchanted a mortal female-Debra who manages the bar which Shaker and Cracker co-own. When the bar is closed he keeps Debra as a slave chained and scantily dressed if at all. He often beats her,bites her and fucks her-he keeps her enchanted by meth which he enchants before he lets her hit the pipe.

Mark Shaker is the son of two redcap parents (a rarity) who belonged to a motorcycle gang-Red Devils a huge motley of Redcaps who terrorized the Kingdom of the Burning Sands. He is an only child and his parents refer to him as, “The Mistake”. He currently has no contact with them. He believes that they were imprisoned due to scheming nobles who wanted to reduce the Red Devil threat.

In Portland The Duchy of the Dark Forest he has done what it takes to survive,selling meth,pot,crack or smack,or simply stealing. His activities financed Billy Ray’s Dive Freehold. He is quite a good thief when he puts his mind to it. Until recently his interest in politics have been nil,but he is interested by what Oliver Bloodhorn Kress has preached about the downfall of Sidhe rule and reclaiming the Freeholds and founts of Glamour. The Bar is a minor 2 point Freehold which he co-owns with his only and best friend Cracker his partner in crime and buddy in both the mortal world and Faery world.

In general, Mark Shaker keeps a low profile in the mortal world as he is wanted for questioning by the police. He is certain that both his mother and father were undone by the banality of jail. He greatly fears imprisonment and the police who can put him there.

Mark Shakers passion in life is to live free and unhindered. His favorite things to do in his free time is to cause trouble,work out,eat,fuck and do drugs. He loves running the bar and along with Cracker Bonnie and Nicole plus other unseelie throughout the Duchy he ravages the punk rock bands which play there.

His greatest hope is to live for the moment. Have as much fun hell raising and living what he considers an all too short life to the fullest.He does not think of the past nor does he think of the future. He is in the now-impulsive and sometimes rash. His greatest fear is to have his freedom restricted put in jail. He would rather be undone with cold iron than undone by the banality of confinement or boredom.

His sexuality is crude and bestial. He is a sadist and enjoys causing pain to his partners. He has no qualms about taking what he desires by force and he will enchant and take if he must. He has no qualms about killing. He is a psychopath,dangerous and remorseless. He isn’t sure whether he has killed anyone or not-He hasn’t stuck around long enough to know for sure,but he often beats people to unconsciousness and enjoys the pain he causes. This is truly a dangerous individual.

Mark Shaker

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