Rufis Torhee


Name: Rufis Torhee
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Duchy of the Dark Forest
Seelie Legacy:Crafter
Unseelie Legacy:Rake
Seeming:Wilder-nearly Grump



Perception:4 (Detail Oriented)


Crafts:4 (Restore Books)

Kindred Lore:1





Merits/Flaws: Shy -1 Ward -3 (Beverly) Hatred -3 (Those who mistreat books) Life Saver -3 Vampire friend +3 Esther Carmicheal

Birthrights/Frailties:Aptitude: +1 to stealth. Any time a sluagh attempts to move
without being seen or attempts any other stealthy action, one die
is added to Physical Trait rolls.
Birthright: Squirm. Dislocating body parts is a popular
amusement for these creatures. Confining them is almost impossible.
Although they cannot change their shapes or mass, underfolk
can contort into disquieting shapes with unnatural ease. This
requires a few minutes of concentration and a Physical roll; the
difficulty ranges from 4 (escaping from ropes) to 8 (worming
through the bars of a locked cell). The only substance that can
imprison sluagh completely is cold iron.
Frailty: Curse of Silence. Sluagh cannot speak above a
whisper, no matter how hard they strain to be heard. Since they
dislike social situations and hold to very odd rules of etiquette, add
one to the difficulties of all of their Social rolls.

Ravaging/Musing Threshold:Myth-Buster/ Inspire Play

Mortal Name: Richard Torhee
Faerie Name: Rufis Torhee
Mortal Age:25
Mortal Profession: Antique Book Seller
Chimera/Companions/Treasures:Magick Fountain Pen of Command

Mortal Description: Rather non-descriptive with disheveled dark hair-cowlicks everywhere. Dresses in drab colors,but is in fact, rather wealthy and his clothes are of high quality albeit plain.

Changeling Description: Dignified and formal with an out of date suit with waistcoat and plus four trousers. He wears a derby in the Seelie part of the year and a top hat in the unseelie part of the year.

Personality Quirks: Ever polite,but rarely looks anyone in the eye. He seems nervous and distracted in all social situations and especially so among those he doesn’t know too well.

Mortal Identity: Richard Torhee is a respected member of the business community. His shop is located on 8th and E.Burnside near Grendhels Cafe. He is charitable and very kind to children. He is the caretaker for his deceased older sister’s daughter-Beverly

Changeling Identity
Rufis Torhee is a sluagh of the Motley of Ivy. He is not a courtier and is rather conservative. He is not a social butterfly

Equipment:Old Volvo,Cellphone,Computer,Large Mansion in West Hills

Desdemona Eshu Wilder
Kaelynn Saytr Wilder
Beverly Norris Mortal Ward


Rufis Torhee is one of the more elder changelings in his circle. He is almost a grump. Rufis Torhee in his mortal seeming is a young man with disheveled dark hair,rather long which tends to flop into his soulful dark brown eyes. His clothes usually look a bit rumpled. He owns an antique book store called Remembrance of Books Past. He is often covered in a layer of dust.

In his changeling seeming Rufis is dressed very conservatively,usually in an archaic dark suit,plus fours with a jacket and waistcoat along with a pocket watch. He sports a derby or a stove pipe top hat depending on the season. He is incredibly shy and rarely establishes eye contact with anyone. His skin is very pale and he has the Sluaugh opaque black eyes which seem to take in everything and nothing. There is a slight smell of mold and paper and dust.

Rufis is rather a solitary individual though he is taking care of his older sister’s daughter. Her parents died suddenly in a car crash (Ward -3) Rufis dutifully cares for her and plays games with her. Sometimes Rufis gets wrapped up in their games and plays right along with her. This prevents banality.

Rufis’ passion is his antique books-especially the very old ones he can spend hours transfixed with his books. In fact, he experienced his chrysalis at age 22 reading a particularly old volume of Faery Tales. He keeps this book as a treasure. Nothing gives him more pleasure than restoring an old book. He is almost “Nockerish” in this regard. The more ornate and aged the book the more he loves them. Rufis hates people who mistreat books,and people who are incapable of seeing the beauty of old things.

Rufis is not the most social of individuals. He suffers from an overpowering shyness and is rarely at court;though one may see him at the odd festival. His closest friend outside of his oathcircle is the Lady Mordolyn-the Duchess DewDrop’s lore keeper and record keeper. She has invited rufis to tea a couple of times and he has reciprocated by having her by for tea.
He made for Mordolyn a large leather and wood bound book with hinges and a lock where the Duchy’s lore is kept.It is quite beautiful.

Rufis’ chimerical treasure was a gift from the Duchess and Lady Mordolyn for the book he crafted. It is a beautiful feathered quill pen which can write a letter of command. Only one command may be implanted in the letter plus a point of temporary glamour must be used along with an expression talent or charisma versus the readers willpower. The writing must also be in gothic calligraphy.

The most frightening thing that Rufis has ever experienced was seeing the Nosferatu Esther in his bookshop late at night just as he was about to close. The sight of her unobfuscated visage made his hair stand on end. Esther apologized and at once put on her large Easter bonnet. Once the initial fright wore off,she found Esther to be polite and congenial-truly a "kindred’ spirit. In fact she was called a kindred. The two spoke late into the night each asking the other questions about their existences.The two have become fast friends;though Rufis has kept this friendship a secret as Esther has requested and Esther has kept Rufis a secret from the other kindred. Esther has promised to show Rufis the wonders of Portland’s sewers and Rufis,in turn, has promised to show Esther a way into the Dreaming.Furthermore, the two have agreed to share pertinent information,and to help one another if it is ever needed.

Rufis has no enemies that he knows of-he is rather unprepossessing individual and does not like to draw a lot of attention to himself.Indeed there would be little reason for him to have or make enemies.

The motley of Ivy consists of a masochistic sex-addicted Saytr-Kaelynne who unsurprisingly gets involved in many wrong relationships,Desdemona an unseelie Eshu who is flashy and extravagant-Rufis seems rather out of place,but he is the vital rock on which the others cling-Rufis is always there to give sage advice and a listening ear when things go wrong. They often do.

The biggest challenge facing the Motley of Ivy is glamour. They have no freehold which produces glamour on its own. Both Desdemona and Kaelynne are unseelie and have little compunction in ravishing creative mortals,especially Kaelynne. Desdemona has dreamers mostly a community theatre group. Fortunately Rufis has Beverly an imaginative little girl of 7,but what will happen when Beverly grows up and no longer wishes to play her games? But rather wants to date boys? What will happen if the community theatre closes down? The thought has crossed their minds more than once,but it has been rarely discussed.

Rufis’ goals and motivations are to continue to live a life which will promote the Dreaming. He is motiavated to protect and care for his friends and his ward. He would like to locate a place be it a glen or freehold of some sort that will produce the glamour they need to make suriving ina banal world easier.

Rufis Torhee

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