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Changeling: the Dreaming is a game of modern fantasy set in the World of Darkness. Players assume the role of Changelings, beings with a Fae soul crammed into a human body. The Fae were originally from the Dreaming, a fantastic and chaotic realm of shifting shapes, where ideas take on a life of their own. Once connected to the “real world,” the forces of human cynicism and disbelief have shattered the link between the two. The Fae were forced to retreat into the Dreaming, or use a human body as a protective cocoon.

In the long term, Changelings depend on fostering open-mindedness, creativity, and inspiration for their very survival, although they can subsist even on intense passions stemming from “negative” impulses. Changeling society is also brimming with politics and class issues. Finally, some parts of the Dreaming are still linked to the real world, allowing the group to focus more on the “fantasy” aspect of the game than the “modern” part.

Dutchy of the Dark Forest

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