Sloan, aka Hannah Whalen

A Redcap craft maven and wannabe activist


Kith: Redcap

Seeming: Wilder

Seelie Legacy: Aspirant (quest: gain WP when you overcome an obstacle; ban: never pass up a learning opportunity)

Unseelie Legacy: Knave (quest: gain WP when you cause someone to do something they would normally be opposed to and they enjoy it; ban: never protect anyone from the harsh realities of life)

Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3

Social Attributes: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4

Mental Attributes: Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Abilities: Alertness 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 2, Dodge 1, Empathy 1, Intimidation 1, Kenning 1, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1, Scrounge 2, Style 3, Crafts 3, Drive 3, Leadership 1, Performance 1, Stealth 2, Ride 1, Computer 1, Enigmas 2, Gremayre 1, Linguistics 1, Politics 2

Backgrounds: Dreamers 2, Resources 1 (from her childhood income, craft sales and commissions, and the occasional odd job), Remembrance 2

Arts: Primal 1, Wayfare 3

Realms: Fae 2, Nature 2, Prop 2

Glamour 6, Willpower 6, Banality 3

Flaws: Surreal Quality (2), Echos (2), Throwback (1)

Merits: Faster (1), Past Life (1)

• Dark Appetite: Redcaps can literally eat anything. They can chew through cars and eat their way through walls. Their bulldog teeth are brutally flat and hard as steel; their digestive systems (thankfully) remain a mystery. Most prefer human or animal meat, but when hunger strikes, anything will do. We do mean anything.

As long as a redcap can put his mouth around something, he can eat it. Large objects can be chewed into smaller pieces. Digesting something particularly vile or tough (such as wood, steel, romance novels or toxic waste) requires the expenditure of a point of Glamour. Keep all arms and hands away from redcaps at all times.

Any time a redcap attempts to use this Birthright in combat, he must spend a point of Glamour, just as if he were trying to eat something not normally edible. The base damage for a redcap bite is Strength + 2 (difficulty 5) This damage is always aggravated. Additionally, the redcap may try to sever an opponent’s limb. Severing a limb with this ability requires five successes on a Dexterity + Brawl roll (difficulty 8), or three successes if the victim has been grappled first. This attack inflicts a minimum of three Health Levels of damage if successful, in addition to any damage rolled.

• Bully Browbeat: Redcaps can intimidate anything, even imaginary or chimerical objects. The difficulties of all Intimidation rolls are reduced by one. A successful roll causes chimera to obey without question; sentient creatures can resist with Willpower rolled at a difficulty equal to the redcap’s Willpower. This Birthright functions normally at all times, even in the presence of mortals or unenchanted supernaturals.

• Bad Attitude: No one likes a redcap, not even other redcaps. Some noble freeholds try to ostracize or kill redcaps just on general principles. As part of this stigma, they suffer a +2 difficulty (or greater) for any roll involving a social situation other than browbeating.


Description: In her mortal life Hannah is a teenager on the verge of adulthood. She is 5’4" tall and weighs about 200 pounds. She has long, thick, curly auburn hair, fair skin, an oval face with high cheekbones, a wide, expressive mouth, and green eyes. All her clothes are either hand-made, or altered in some way.
In her fae mein Sloan has wavy dark brown hair, yellow-green eyes, and dappled gray skin. Her mouth is even wider, and filled with strong yellow teeth Sloan 5 copy


Mortal Relatives:

  • Father: Michael Whalen, a contractor who specializes in green/sustainable building
  • Mother: Jeannine Whalen, housewife and part time office manager for the family business.
  • Baby Brother: Michael Jr, AKA Mickey, 5 yrs old
  • Half-sister: Lauren Brooks-Whalen, college student, part-time activist, also works for the family business
  • Lauren’s mom: Sandra Brooks, electrician, neo-hippy, Michael’s ex-wife

In her early childhood Hannah was her mother and father’s little princess. She was always beautiful, and he mother got her into pageants and modeling as a young child. At first the contests and modeling gigs were exciting, but as Hannah grew older one pageant blurred into another and they started to get boring, and Hannah had less and less patience for being dressed up and paraded around. She kept doing the pageants and modeling, but began to explore other interests like sports and theater, and to spend more time with her father.

Predictably, everything really changed when puberty set in. Hannah gained weight and Jeannine became increasingly critical, her body developed and she didn’t like the way strangers looked at her, Michael didn’t quite know what to do about the fact that his little girl had turned into an unhappy young woman, seemingly overnight. About this time Jeannine became pregnant with Michael Jr. and shifted a lot of her focus from Hannah to the new baby.

The big bright spot for Hannah during this period was that her older half-sister Lauren moved nearby to go to college and Hannah got to know her for the first time. Like many college students, Lauren was newly exposed to ideas about feminism, civil rights, and economic revolution. She shared these ideas with Hannah who was thrilled that Lauren was treating her like a grown-up.

As Hannah got older and “weirder” her friendship group from elementary and middle school fell away. They were partly replaced by the theater kids in her high school, but Hannah had trouble forming new relationships. She was haunted by alternating sensations of disassociation and hyper-reality. She would dream of howling winds and unrelenting hunger and wake up wanting to sink her teeth into everything she loved and everything she hated.

The cycle of disassociation and hyper-reality got more intense and overwhelming until it culminated in her Chrysalis, [a yet-to-be-determined amount of time] before the start of the campaign.

Hannah/Sloan is currently 17, soon to be 18. She is finished with high school and waiting more or less patiently for her 18th birthday. She spends a lot of time at Lauren’s house instead of going home to her parents.

Hannah/Sloan is active in human politics, though her youth and fae nature make it hard for her to be very involved. She is outspoken about her beliefs and had a reputation at her high school as “that girl who’s, like, super-angry feminist all the time.” She doesn’t know much about Changeling politics, but will likely have strong opinions about them once she learns more.

She cares a lot about the buy local/eat local movement and strenuously avoids shopping in “big box” stores. She makes a lot of her own clothes and usually adds her own touch to store-bought clothes as well. She especially likes mutilating things with designer labels.

Sloan, aka Hannah Whalen

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